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Titanium Screwplug Heater, 2"NPT, 6000W, 18" Immersed Length

Titanium Screwplug Heater, 2"NPT, 6000W, 18" Immersed Length

SKU: K410347-50

Part №: K410347-50

Weight: 6.00 lb.

Base Price: $855.00
These heaters are built to order and ship 5 to 15 working days after the order is processed. After placing your order, you will be emailed by an engineer to confirm heater selection.
Built to Order – Ships in 2– 3 weeks from Tucson, AZ. Non-returnable.

Screwplug heaters may be threaded directly into a sufficient tank wall or used with a coupling companion. Choose your desired options below.

Temperature controller required! When choosing voltage and phase options, please consult the notes for compatible controls available online.

Select supply voltage and either single-phase or three-phase wiring.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-250, TCD-250.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-330, TCD-330.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-2430, TCD-2430.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-3430, TCD-3430.
Select the style of junction box.
For indoor use. Guards against fingers and large foreign objects.
For indoor and outdoor use. Water-tight and dust-tight.
For hazardous-area use. Explosion-resistant.
  • 240V single-phase
  • NEMA 1