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Derated Single-Tube

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These immersion heaters – the DP, DS, DF, and DT series – are derated to 18 W/in² for use in solutions with low thermal conductivity (oils, viscous liquids, etc.).

Select a heater below by wattage and sheath material to go to an ordering page, where you can choose voltage and other options. If you don't know what sheath material or watt density you need, you can use our Sheath Material Selector.

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Steel 304 Stainless 316 Stainless Titanium
500 W K400160 K400180 K400200 K400220
1,000 W K400162 K400182 K400202 K400222
1,500 W K400164 K400184 K400204 K400224
2,000 W K400166 K400186 K400206 K400226
2,500 W K400168 K400188 K400208 K400228
3,000 W K400170 K400190 K400210 K400230
4,000 W K400172 K400192 K400212 K400232
4,500 W K400174 K400194 K400214 K400234
5,000 W K400176 K400196 K400216 K400236
6,000 W K400178 K400198 K400218 K400238

You can also browse individual heaters by selecting a sheath material: