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Built-to-Order Coil Heaters

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O.E.M. Heaters offers fast delivery on built-to-order coil heaters for plastics processing, laboratory, and other uses. This informational page details the varieties and specifications for coil heaters we can build for you.

These built-to-order heaters usually ship within 5–7 business days – faster if expedited. We also carry some common nozzle heater sizes, usually in stock rather than built to order – see the Kappa Series.

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Flat Coil Heater
Flat Coil Heaters

Precise fit and profiling optimizes performance of nozzles and other mating components.

  • Flexible cold section
  • Outside sheath to improve heating efficiency
  • Inside/outside sheath with sealed end rings prevents contaminants from shortening heater life
  • Moisture-resistant transition head
  • High-temperature lead and potting option
  • Higher watt density than a cable heater
  • Custom-wound from straight stock for fast shipments

Low Profile Coil Heater
Low-Profile Coil Heater

Delivers the same performance of a standard coil heater with a thinner profile. The height allows system designers to place drops closer to waterlines, enabling a smaller footprint. The width delivers higher wattage per linear inch compared to mini coils.

  • Thinnest available coil heater with integrated TC (J or K)
  • Flexible cold section
  • Built-to-order ships in 5-7 working days
  • Sealed transition head option for moisture-resistant applications

Round Coil Heater
Round Coil Heaters

This coil heater boasts compaction and flexibility, which is what helped it revolutionize the injection molding industry in the 1980s.

  • Also used as a form-in-place heater
  • Offers higher watt density than cable heater
  • Flexible cold section
  • Standard lead time is 5-7 working days (expediting available)
  • Applications include: low-profile packaging, plastic injection molding, small manifold heating

Mini Coil/Micro Mini Coil Heaters
Mini Coil/Micro Mini Coil Heaters

High-performance heaters for smaller-diameter nozzles, nozzle tips; can be formed in grooves to create three-dimensional heating applications

  • Proven durable heater for tight space constraints
  • Wound with external thermocouple
  • Form-in-place heater
  • Staggered or single-head-transition head configurations
  • Built-to-order ships in 6-8 business days (expediting available)

Maxi Coil Heater
Maxi Coil Heaters

The most durable coil heater on the market. Can support large diameters without the need for a pressed-on sheath. The larger size allows for higher voltages and greater watt densities. Excellent for large format injection molding and die casting applications.

  • Robust 4.6 × 8.6 profile
  • Thermocouple option
  • 480V option

Brass Coil Heater
Pressed-in-Brass Coil Heaters

Deliver the benefits of cast-in-brass coil heaters and eliminate known problems associated with the casting process. These coil heaters have better repeatability of winding profile and longer thermocouple life than traditional cast-in-brass heaters.

  • Tight fit on nozzle
  • Optimal heat distribution
  • Up to 1200°F at inner brass casing
  • Superior heat transfer
  • Highly non-corrosive
  • Built-in Type J or Type K thermocouple
  • 100+ piece order quantity required for quote

HotLock® Mini Coil Heater
HotLock® Mini Coil Heater

Utilizes a positive locking positioning ring. Installation is easy. With a twist of the end cap ring, the heater is secured into position on the nozzle.

  • Anti-seize coating for ease of removal
  • Replaceable external thermocouple
  • Profiled for more heat at the tip