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L-Shaped Single-Tube

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These heaters – the LP, LS, LF, and LT series – are built in an L shape to heat a tank bottom. They have a watt density of 35 W/in², and the length of the vertical riser can be customized on the ordering page.

Select a heater below by wattage and sheath material to go to an ordering page, where you can choose voltage and other options. If you don't know what sheath material you need, you can use our Sheath Material Selector.

Steel 304 Stainless 316 Stainless Titanium
1,000 W K400358 K400378 K400398 K400418
2,000 W K400360 K400380 K400400 K400420
3,000 W K400363 K400383 K400403 K400423
4,000 W K400365 K400385 K400405 K400427
5,000 W K400367 K400387 K400407 K400429
6,000 W K400369 K400389 K400409 K400431
8,000 W K400371 K400391 K400411 K400433
9,000 W K400373 K400393 K400413 K400435
10,000 W K400375 K400395 K400415 K400437
12,000 W K400377 K400397 K400417 K400439

You can also browse individual heaters by selecting a sheath material: