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These heaters – the 3P, 3S, 3F, and 3T series – are built with three side-by-side elements and fit easily next to the wall of a tank. The standard wiring is three-phase, but single-phase is available. They have a watt density of 35 W/in².

Select a heater below by wattage and sheath material to go to an ordering page, where you can choose voltage and other options. If you don't know what sheath material you need, you can use our Sheath Material Selector.

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Steel 304 Stainless 316 Stainless Titanium
3,000 W K400080 K400100 K400120 K400140
6,000 W K400082 K400102 K400122 K400142
9,000 W K400084 K400104 K400124 K400144
12,000 W K400086 K400106 K400126 K400146
15,000 W K400088 K400108 K400128 K400148
18,000 W K400090 K400110 K400130 K400150
24,000 W K400092 K400112 K400132 K400152
27,000 W K400095 K400114 K400135 K400155
30,000 W K400097 K400117 K400137 K400157
36,000 W K400099 K400119 K400139 K400159

You can also browse individual heaters by selecting a sheath material: