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Etched Foil Heaters

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Designed to Meet Exact Application Requirements

We offer built-to-order etched foil heating solutions to meet your specific application needs.


  • Uniform heat distribution and rapid thermal response
  • Ultra-thin profile
  • High watt densities
  • Quick prototyping turnaround

Material Maximum exposure temperature Total thickness with PSA Advantages
Silicone rubber 450°F (232°C) 60mil (0.060") (1.52mm) Moisture- and chemical-resistant
Polyimide film 392°F (200°C) 10mil (0.010") (0.25mm) Thinnest; highest dielectric strength

More outer material selections are available – to discuss options, or for help deciding what etched foil heater is right for your application, please call us at (866) 685-4443, send us an e-mail, or fill out one of our contact forms.