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Nextflex Flexible Tubular Heaters

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The Nextflex is the new standard for form-in-place tubular heaters. Nextflex is the first tubular heater in the world that can be manually bent in all three directions. Available in 6.5mm, 8mm and 8.5mm diameters. The Nextflex eliminates costly downtime associated with waiting for a custom bent tubular heater. It offers simple installation, easy storage, and improved thermal performance compared to traditional tubular heaters. For more general or technical info, to place an order or request a quote please call us at (866) 685-4443, send us an e-mail, or fill out a contact form.

Reduce costly downtime!

The Nextflex heater is your best choice for immediate, durable, high-performance replacement heaters. Its unique construction consisting of a small, high-watt-density tubular heater surrounded by copper with a flexible armored case results in an easy-to-install, flexible, durable heat source.

Installation doesn't get much easier.

The Nextflex can be installed directly into the slot of a manifold by tapping it in with a rubber hammer. Simply start in the middle of your mold channel, forming first at the marked center location of the Nextflex heater, then tap with a rubber mallet, working your way to each end.

Connection options

The Nextflex connection options include spade connectors, crimped (welded) leads, screw terminals, or ceramic Plug-n-Heat (re-usable ceramic-insulated connection).

Technical data at a glance:

  • 6.5mm, 8mm, and 8.5mm diameters
  • Minimum bending radius R10
  • Wattage tolerance ± 10%
  • Diameter tolerance ± 0.1mm
  • Unheated zones 30mm each end
  • Sheath temp. max 700°

The surface load is 15W/cm² (2.3W/in²), according to applications, with a maximum temperature on the sheath of 1292°F. The flexible tubular heater has a heated flexible stainless steel coating with connections on both ends and can be used in the same applications as original tubular heaters.