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Case Studies

We specialize in creating heating systems for difficult and unusual situations. Off the power grid and have only low-voltage DC power? Need to pack lots of heat into a small space? Check out some of the problems we've solved to see how we might be able to help you with your difficult application.

94-Kilowatt Duct Heater

How do you fit the heat-generating capacity of the equivalent of 75 American homes' electricity into a space the size of a kitchen cupboard, and still make sure it won't burn up when you turn it on? We engineered this heater to answer that question, and it's now in use in internationally distributed tunnel ovens.

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The Navy's Impossible Truck Cab Heater

Warming a truck cab with an electric heater isn't as simple as it might seem, especially when the heater has to be about the size of a college textbook. Read about how we created a high-amperage, compact heater that allowed the Navy to safely heat on battery power and cut down on engine idling hours.

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