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Straight and Formed Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters can be adapted to most applications where electrical heating is required. Straight and formed tubular heaters are custom-made to fit your application and are not available from stock. Please contact us to discuss your application. If you have any questions please call us at (866) 685-4443, send us an e-mail, or fill out one of our contact forms.


  • Built-in resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion, and temperature extremes
  • Heaters are swaged for rapid heat transfer
  • Can be used straight or bent into various shapes to fit an application
  • Can be used in free air, clamped to a surface or in a groove, or cast into metal
  • Can be used in application temperatures up to 1400°F
  • Long service life


  1. Steel, stainless steel, copper, or Incoloy sheathed elements
  2. Element wire situated in proximity to outside surface for maximum heat transfer and minimum internal temperature while preserving good dielectric qualities
  3. Pure magnesium oxide compressed to an optimum density for best heat transfer and electrical insulation at elevated temperatures
  4. Weld construction
  5. Cold pin
  6. Insulator
  7. Standard post terminal