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SoliStat™ 2-10 Temperature Controlled Switch for up to 24V DC

SoliStat™ 2-10 Thermostat for DC: Max. 10 Amps, 24V

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The SoliStat 2 is a user-friendly, long-lasting thermostat for DC-powered heating and cooling applications. SoliStat is an all-in-one, ready-to-use temperature controller, incorporating a calibrated RTD sensor, a microcontroller, and a solid-state switching mechanism, all inside a rugged, weatherproof housing.

Model 2-10 Specific Features

  • Temperature measured through a metal heatsink on the housing via an RTD sensor
  • Two-wire output
  • Maximum current of 10 amps
  • Example applications: Heat tracing on pipes, enclosure heating

SoliStat's advantages

No Arcing: Because of its solid-state construction, SoliStat exhibits none of the arcing and consequent corrosion associated with the opening and closing of mechanical thermostats.
Solid-State Reliability: The combination of RTD temperature sensing, solid-state switching, and weather-resistant construction ensures reliable and repeatable operation over the course of the SoliStat's life.
Wide Range of Setpoints and Configurations: SoliStat models are available with maximum currents up to 30A, for heating-only or heat-cool (dual-channel) control, with internal or external temperature sensing, and with or without low-voltage power-saving (shutoff) mode. Check the SoliStat product family page to see all the models available.


The SoliStat has been developed for DC-powered applications that require simple on/off control in response to changing temperatures, such as: FLIR Infrared Image of the Solistat in a pipe heating application.
  • Off-grid industrial uses:
    • Engine component temperature regulation
    • Freeze prevention in water lines and filters, using heat trace cable
    • Equipment cabinet warming
  • Transportation:
    • Fuel line and fuel filter warming
    • Operator comfort heating and cooling
  • Hazardous areas
Specification Sheet
SoliStat 2 Product Features and Specifications