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IntelliThaw Quote Request Form

This form will send an email to us with all the details we need to start the process of quoting your IntelliThaw heating jacket system. Since every application is unique, feel free to be as descriptive as necessary to explain your specific application. If we have any further questions, we will contact you as needed. Once we receive your quote request, we will contact you within one business day to request more details or give a preliminary quote.

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Type of component

The component you intend to heat (e.g. CCV coalescer, oil filter...).

Component geometry

Please upload an engineering file giving the geometry and dimensions of the component you want to heat.

Acceptable file formats: SolidWorks files (preferred), STEP files. If these are not available, you may include an image (.jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf) or 2D design file (.dxf, .dwg), but be aware that without engineering files we will require a physical specimen of the component.

No images or engineering files available? Email us at for more information on how to send us your component.

Component material

The material of the component, e.g. plastic, rubber, metal, other.


Select the temperature you want to maintain in the component to be heated.


Minimum ambient temperature

Select the worst-case air temperature in which the heating system will need to work: in other words, how cold does it get where your machine is?


Supply voltage

Voltage of your battery or power supply.

Temp. rise time

How quickly do you want the system to warm from the worst-case ambient temperature to your setpoint? (Standard is 5 minutes.)


Maximum current

The maximum current that can be sustained for the duration of your rise time.


Additional information

Tell us any other important details about your project: required leadwire length, whether you need a system bypass or shutdown, etc.

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