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Mineral Band Heaters

Mineral-insulated band heaters are ideal in applications requiring very high watt densities and high operating temperatures, such as foundry work or processing modern engineering resins.


  • Capable of continuous operation at 1400°F
  • Watt densities up to 150W/in²
  • Higher heat transfer rates than with ceramic or mica bands
  • Can be completely sealed to prevent ingress of molten plastic, chemicals, and other process media

We don't carry stock mineral-insulated band heaters here at O.E.M. Heaters, but we still deliver them fast with no minimum quantities. If you know what you need, you can call us at (866) 685-4443 or send us an e-mail, or you can use our Band Heater Configuration Tool. At the links below we have more information about the construction and components of these heaters. If you need help with engineering, just give us a call or an e-mail, or fill out one of our contact forms.